Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 159

I really love trying new things. I have a student named Amanda who is a big fan of the Japanese styles of art called manga and anime. While I don't particularly care for these styles on the surface, I am a believer that one can learn something from essentially any form of art-making.

Amanda brought me her collection of Copic markers (which are often used for these styles of art) and an instructional book detailing methods of using this medium. I was intrigued, and because of her willingness to share, I promised to use them to make one of my self-portraits. These are great markers, very nice for drawing, and make for a cool art-making experience! I am a self-proclaimed marker-hater, but this product might have won me over.

I've already made a couple self-portraits with completely white eyes, and I've been promising myself I'd made one with completely black eyes. I really like the creepy appearance that it gives, and I had a blast making this drawing...

#159 March 28, 2011,  Copic markers
Sounds: Stone Temple Pilots,  Thank You

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