Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 152

I like what happened with this self-portrait.

As I started drawing, I really had no idea where the process was going to lead me.  Although I will admit to being something of a control freak at times, other times it feels very good to have no plan in mind and to just allow myself to run with it.  And that was the case with tonight's artwork.

I worked very loosely in pencil and made the preliminary drawing.  There were mostly scribbly lines on my paper, and as the basic form came into being, I decided that I really liked the effect.  When I added the pen over my pencil marks, I tried very hard to maintain the spontaneous and loose line quality.  And I will also admit to attempting to repeat the theme from yesterday's drawing, in which I added no irises or pupils to my eyes to achieve a semi-creepy effect.  So yes, I ran with that as well.

Here's the real question: is this actually my face, or is it a mask of my face??

#152 March 21, 2011,  Pen
Sounds:  Iron Maiden, Best of the Beast

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