Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 146

It's that time of year again: baseball teams are in Spring Training gearing up for a fresh new start. In theory, every team has an equal chance of finding success. With the disparity in team payrolls, it's clear that this will never again be the case, but each season seems to find a unique club that defies the odds and becomes the story of the year.

To me there's something very special about the game of baseball. I never was a great player, but I love the game. I love the way a baseball feels in my hand - it just feels natural for some reason. I love to watch a third baseman make a diving stab down the line and rifle the ball across the diamond to get the runner by less than half a step. I love to see a curve ball that breaks so much that it appears to have been affected by supernatural forces. And I love to watch a centerfielder run an impossible distance to make a dazzling play for the final out of an inning, only to be the first batter when the team comes to the plate.

To me, there are two only two sports seasons: baseball season, and the time that I'm waiting for baseball season to begin.

#146 March 15, 2011,  Pen and colored pencil
Sounds: Avett Brothers, Mignonette


Happy Birthday to Juliet Gayle -
I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!

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