Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 158

One of the nearly unseen personal effects of this project has been my sudden need to wear glasses while drawing. The more I worked on small details, the more I have noticed my eyes crossing and my vision becoming blurry as I tried to focus in on tightly rendered areas.

It's been a strange transition for me to begin picturing myself wearing the glasses. The general process has been to do the actual line work without them, then put them on so I can see better during the shading process (or when I'm adding the heavy line work on the pen drawings). There are times, however, when I'm interested in portraying myself in a slightly different way, and at those times I've just left them on me in the drawing.

In a manner of speaking, I suppose the glasses could be considered just another prop to create just another character...

#157 March 27, 2011,  Pencil
Sounds: Chris Whitley, Hotel Vast Horizon

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