Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 186

Over the years, a lot has been made about Mona Lisa's "smile."  The truth of the matter is, when you look closely at the painting, she's not smiling at all.  It's actually more of a smirk, perhaps indicating that she's hiding a secret that she's choosing not to reveal. 

Personally, I usually refer to that artwork as "the most overrated painting in the history of art."  I realize that this is merely my opinion, but I think there's some validity to it.  In cases such as this, a story will grow based on the fact that it's told over and over.  Mona Lisa is the most famous painting ever, in part because people tend to say it's the most famous painting ever.

Sometimes people believe certain things because, well, other people have said it.  I did a painting called People are Saying It, So it Must Be True that addresses this concept.  And some people are very good at manipulating this to their advantage.  One cannot help but wonder how many "truths" are merely exaggerations or outright fabrications designed to create certain opinions or thoughts in others...

#186 April 24, 2011,  Ink
Sounds: Avett Brothers, I and Love and You

Happy Birthday to my Mom, Pam Norris!! 
I could not ask for a better mom - thank you for everything you are and everything that you've always been...

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