Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 183

Over the past couple days, I have continued to include the birds, but I've noticed a change. The blackbirds haven't been appearing in an ominous way; rather, they are merely a "presence" - neither good nor bad.

It occurs to me that when a person really notices their surroundings, among other things they will usually find birds sitting on power lines. And at a distance, all birds will generally appear to be black. Today's birds seem to be very calm and perhaps thoughtful (as indicated by the thought "circles" over their heads).  The telescoping form and the lines from my eye could represent the notion of paying attention to the small details that are often overlooked.

The "house forms" are a piece of symbolism that I have really liked for years, although I can't say I remember ever using them in an artwork before.  Most people would agree that they should feel safest in their own home, surrounded by the people and objects closest to them.  As with the previous days' drawings, I chose to let this image flow and I added details as they came to mind.  Perhaps in an unconscious way, the safety of the house forms is a reaction to how the birds are generally present in a threatening way.

For the record, I really like interpreting my artworks on the spot like this!

#183 April 21, 2011,  Charcoal, acrylic, pen, and Sharpie on illustration board

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