Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 177

It's a very cliched statement, but the eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

Okay, that may be a little strong. What I do believe is that a person's eyes will reveal more about them than perhaps anything else. Sure, as human beings our other mannerisms tell a lot about what we're thinking or what our true emotions really are. But when we look at another person and actually communicate with them, we will generally look them in the eyes.

I have always been drawn to eyes. I love to look at them, and I love to draw them. The eyes are one of my favorite features of a woman; my gal has stunningly beautiful eyes and it's a very endearing characteristic.

This drawing came about as I was beginning to render a completely different idea for today's self-portrait. When I sat down in front of a magnifying make-up mirror, I noticed that when I sat at a distance from it, the space between my eyes disappeared. I found this intriquing and thought it might make a nice artwork for today.

#177 April 15, 2011,  Charcoal
Sounds: Ben Harper, Both Sides of the Gun

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