Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 176

Well, it happened again.

I was watching a movie with Emma.
She fell asleep beside me on the sofa.
I decided to finish the movie.
You can guess what happened next.

I don't know for sure what caused me to wake up, but I sent her up to her bed around 3:00 am. As for myself, I grabbed my sketchbook and a red pen and sat down to draw. It's probably safe to say that this is the most tired I have ever been when making an artwork! And it shows on my face.

But as I sit down to write my blog entry the morning after, there's something that I really like about this drawing. It's very honest and very real to me. The drawing was made quickly in about five minutes, but it's a good likeness, not only of my physical characteristics, but also of my state of mind at the time the self-portrait was made.

#176 April 14, 2011,  Ballpoint pen

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