Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 175

Spring is here.  And this is how I often look for most of the spring and throughout the summer.  It doesn't matter if I'm exercising or working outside, I'll generally wrap a bandana around my head and will be on the go.

When making an ink drawing, I generally start with loose pencil lines and then brush the ink on, making corrections and adjustments  as I go.  I grabbed my brushes that I use for such materials, and noticed a nicely shaped new-looking one.  Then I remembered my favorite: a mangled brush that I've actually cut bristles out of in order to make finer lines.  The end is slightly curved in a way that would appear to make it difficult to use.  But it's my brush, and it just feels right when I use it. 

As an aside, when I showed this portrait to Shana, she exclaimed: "Oh my god, you look like Scott Avett!"  Since she's rather smitten by his music, his art, and yes, his appearance, I suppose this is a good thing for me!

#175 April 13, 2011,  Ink
Sounds: Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces

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