Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 182

This drawing is obviously a continuation of yesterday's process. A short explanation of how it's done: I covered a piece of illustration board with common flat white latex primer. Once it dried, I added charcoal, which I then rubbed down with a paper towel so it would have a smoother appearance but would better show the texture of the brushstrokes of primer. Then I used that same primer to paint in the lighter tones. Finally, I added the finishing touches with a red marking pen.

It should be noted that this process is a little challenging because it's difficult to paint in the light areas; whereas most people are used to drawing with a dark material on a light surface, this method involves painting with a light material on a dark surface. In other words, the artist has to think in reverse. And honestly, I love the challenge!

What does it mean, you ask?!  That's a good question.  My primary goal was to create an allegory illustrating the concept that when a person speaks, they usually expect things (other people) to listen.  In this case, the main character (who is myself) is speaking to the little black birds - they are all exactly the same and they have fallen in line as they receive the message.  But the white bird appears to have hatched a thought of his own  (pun was kind of intended...), and he might either persuade the others to follow his lead or simply continue marching to the beat of his own drum.

Everything that I just said was a lie. 

I made this self-portrait, having no idea what would come next or what any of it meant.  I was simply having fun making art!  The interpretation that I provided above was simply an interpretation that I literally created on the spot while typing the rest of this blog entry.  But hey, it works!

#182 April 20, 2011,  Charcoal, acrylic, and red marking pen on illustration board

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