Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 165

I have pointed out before that there are simply times that any artist is not in the mood to make art. Please don't get me wrong: I love art-making and I absolutely do not take for granted that I can do what I can do.  But tonight was one of those nights where I really had no inspiration or desire to sit down and do my self-portrait.  In other words, tonight was one of those nights that people ask me about: "Don't ya ever just dread having to do another drawing?"

At the end of this project, I will know that for every single day in a year's time, I made some type of art.  No breaks.  No skipping a day here and there.

I like that a lot.  And it's pretty motivating on days where there is no other form of motivation to make some art...

#165 April 3, 2011,  Pencil on vellum
Sounds:  Alter Bridge,  One Day Remains

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