Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 170

I've mentioned before how I like to experiment with different art mediums - this self-portrait displays that concept yet again.

Watercolor has never been one of my favorite materials to work with. This opinion is essentially self-inflicted because I haven't devoted a lot of time working with watercolor in order to really figure out what I can do with it. With that said, I have completed a small handful of self-portraits in this project as a way to expand my skills and I have found that I like it more than I had originally thought.

I recently wrote about my personal discovery of vellum. This paper allows for some very interesting effects and works well with a variety of mediums. And frankly, since I bought a 50-sheet tablet of it, I know I'll use it a lot!

Today I decided to combine the two, with mixed results. The color looks very interesting to me when applied to the vellum, and the semi-slick surface of the paper allows for color mixing quite easily.  On the other hand, I learned rather quickly that vellum is not a good surface for extremely wet mediums!!  The horizontal lines, while creating an eye-catching element to the artwork when it is scanned, are actually the result of paper warpage due to the water.

Note to self: do not use watercolor on vellum again!

#170  April 8, 2011,  Watercolor and pen on vellum
Sounds:  Kansas, Leftoverture

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