Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 168

I used to draw this type of image a lot about eight years ago. It started simply enough as something resembling a full moon with a face on it. At some point, I decided to close the eyes and add a big smile.

When I first started making these drawings way back then, I had no idea it was a self-portrait.

Eventually, the image began to symbolize the concept of having good dreams. Obviously the closed eyes would seem to indicate the kind of dreams that a person has while sleeping; while I can definitely appreciate those kind of dreams as well, the real meaning dealt with dreams that relate to goals and things to strive for.  The image meant so much to me that it is the first tattoo I ever got.

It seems like there are times when I need to be reminded of these dreams.  Probably more importantly, I think I need to be reminded to actually work very hard to make these dreams a reality.

As my buddy Vincent Harris regularly says: "Every night, ask yourself 'What have I done today to ensure my success for tomorrow?'"

#168 April 6, 2011,  Pen and pencil on paper

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