Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 185

Shana and I were recently talking about a blog that she had read. It suggested that a person should determine what sorts of things make them happy, and then make time to do those things. Simple thought, right?

I think sometimes we get overwhelemed with the things we have to do - our lengthy to-do lists with items that we diligently mark through as we complete them - that we simply don't make the time for the things that we want and like to do. In fact, I think most people have it backwards: these are the things we really need to be doing. This is not to say that we shouldn't do the laundry or pick up the house or any other of the monotonous daily household chores. But if we don't pay attention to our basic sanity, then we'll drive ourselves crazy with everything else.

I'll admit that when I sat down to draw tonight, I was feeling perhaps a magnified version of some of the same frustrations that people feel in their everyday lives. And that is, of course, just a part of life. As I was making preliminary sketch marks with a pencil, I quickly arrived at the facial expression and also decided to add the rabbit ears in recognition of Easter.

But then something happened: I started brushing on the ink. And it felt good. Really good. This entire project has offered me many personal benefits, including the discovery that I really love working with ink and that I'm pretty good with that medium. I found it interesting that even though the brushstrokes are very aggressive and the expression displays intense emotion, I actually felt myself calming down as I made marks on the paper!

This manner of drawing makes me happy. And even though I've made several self-portraits in the series with this medium up to this point, I'm glad I had this realization tonight. It's nice to know that sort of thing about ourselves...

#185 April 23, 2011,  Ink
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