Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 130

This drawing can be read in a couple ways.

First of all, I think an obvious explanation is that tonight's self-portrait is a representation of the attempt to protect a person's anonymity by placing a simple black bar across their eyes. I've always found this practice to be rather laughable, because there are still so many distinguishing features that are clearly visible!

Secondly, I've made many drawings and paintings that examine the theme of blindness.  I find it interesting that there are many kinds of "blindness", from the literal inability to see to various forms of not being able to "see" - whether that's by choice or not.  While this drawing isn't really about blocking or eliminating my vision, I suppose it could have something to do with a person seeing only what they want to see about a person or situation.  Perhaps it could be interpreted as my attempts at blinding the viewer...

#130 February 27, 2011,  Pen, ink
Sounds: Mumford & Sons, mix CD

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