Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 107

I think most people tend to wear "masks" every so often. It's a semi-effective way to cope in times when it's easier to just accept a situation - in those times when a fight is either not worth the effort or would just only be counterproductive.

Other times we wear our masks for the benefit of others, in order to help them get through their own situation, or simply to protect them from something bad that might be lurking just beneath the surface. As a friend of mine says: "Fake it until you make it."

And simply enough, sometimes a mask is just a good way to hide our true feelings when we are trying to protect no one other than ourselves.

I'm going to be very honest: there are many ways to interpret today's self-portrait.  I think that a person would be taking the easy way out and completely missing the point if they just looked at this as nothing more than a picture of someone with a mask on...

#107 February 4, 2011,  Ebony pencil
Sounds:  Gin Blossoms,  Major Lodge Victory

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