Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 109

This drawing started in an interesting place. And by "interesting," I mean that the process was pretty drawn out and it took me quite a long time to figure out just what it was going to be!

I've been fairly pleased with the past several self-portraits, but each one was made in the extremely late hours of the night, as one day ended and the next began.  My sole intention for today's artwork was to have it finished much earlier than has become my norm.  However, when I started considering what it would actually look like, I was completely drawing a blank. 

(Are you noticing the artist's puns?  Absolutely accidental!)

The way this drawing ultimately looks is nowhere near the ideas that I started with.  In fact, I might have set a personal record for the number of "versions" that this one went through.  The good thing for me is that even though I chose not to use some of those ideas, they are still fairly good and will be great for future days' portraits!

#109 February 6, 2011,  Ink

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