Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 115

Unlike last night's drawing which had a plan from the beginning (although I didn't stick with it), I had absolutely no idea where tonight's self-portrait was going as I sat down to draw. I chose to use charcoal on brown paper bag, which has become a favorite of mine because of the great contrast that can be achieved. Furthermore, I really enjoy the rectangular format that is offered from a bag that fits a wine bottle!

This drawing is meant to be a bit of a peace offering, if only to myself. It seems that most of the drawings or paintings I make that include a blackbirds have a very confrontational feeling to them. I'll readily admit that usually this is my chosen effect - but not always. I like the expression on my face indicating that I'm still a bit wary of the bird's gesture. Perhaps the intentions of the bird are honorable, and perhaps it's merely a trick.

I've mentioned before that birds (especially black ones) are a very important aspect to my art. I think that their sometimes ominous image, in addition to the gift of flight and all of the various cultural symbolisms associated with birds, make them a very useful device for storytelling. In this instance, of course I will not reveal exactly what the bird represents to me. I think that it's much more important for you, the viewer, to determine what the bird means to you, and how it applies to your story.

#115 February 12, 2011,  Charcoal on brown paper bag
Sounds: Cross Canadian Ragweed,  Garage

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