Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 110

I had an interesting conversation about this project with someone today. We visited about how an artist puts themselves on display every time they show their art in a public setting. And it occurred to me that this project does the same thing, but in a very amplified way.

For example, when an artist exhibits their work, they generally have a great deal of time to complete the art that will be displayed in the show. They can pick and choose which of their pieces will include, because they will usually have the chance to decide what's good enough to hang and what should be left out.

"The self-portrait project" doesn't afford me this luxury. Since each portrait is made during the waking hours of one day and then posted the following day, I essentially have very little time to revise each artwork. To put it bluntly, it sometimes seems that I barely have enough time just to complete the portrait, let alone having the time for any revisions!

Then again, I've always thrived on deadlines and pressure. During my conversation with this gentleman, it occurred to me that I had actually created this project within my "comfort zone" but I didn't compeltely understand it until today. I have always tended to put things off until the last minute, and all of these self-portraits seem to be no different...

#110 February 7, 2011,  Ink
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