Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 128

I absolutely love it when this happens.

There are times when I like one of my artworks just a little, and there are times when I don't like it at all. And then there are times like tonight that I am crazy about it! There are a some of my paintings that I can look at say "Wow, I MADE that!" because I simply couln't believe that I had created it. And there are some of individual artworks in this project that I feel that way about.

When I sat down to draw tonight, I was extremely lacking in motivation. Essentially, I was tired, I had an almost uncomfortably full belly from from eating too much of a large delicious dinner (thanks Shana!), and I just didn't want to make any kind of art. But I sat down at the table with my lady, I looked into the mirror across from me, and I began sketching. And it didn't take long until I started to LOVE the drawing I was making. When I started to brush the ink onto the left eye, I immediately knew it was going to be a good drawing that I would be very happy with.

For the record, the imagery originated with me slightly lowering my head and seeing more of the hair on top of my head. I liked the idea of the extremely cartoonish spiked hair, so I ran with it...

#128 February 25, 2011,  Ink
Sounds:  Chris Knight, Enough Rope

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