Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 127

Sometimes I like drawing with pencil, and sometimes I don't. I can't decide what my feeling is tonight. While the drawing is a decent likeness of me, I'm not sure how much I like it. Perhaps it's because this is the first self-portrait with my new glasses, and perhaps it's because of the technique. One interesting thing to me is that pencil is supposed to be the "king of drawing", the most commonly used tool for mark-making. But as I've continued through this process, I've found myself liking pencil drawing less and less.

Some days, like today, I get a little frustrated at the finished product. But it doesn't take long for me to remember that at this point I'm barely one-third of the way completed, and there are a lot of (hopefully) amazing artworks left to go...

#127 February 24, 2011,  Pencil
Sounds:  U2, No Line On The Horizon

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  1. I like the glasses. I'll admit I was surprised at your choice in terms of style, but they look fantastic on.

    Nice choice of music, BTW.