Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 102

It all started in 1863 when Edouard Manet blasted the critics of his "Les dejeuner sur l'herbe" when he instructed them to look beyond what the painting looked like, and to focus on HOW he made it.

It continued through the mid-1900s when Abstract Expressionists and their contemporaries gave generic titles to their artworks in an attempt to force viewers to come up with their own interpretations rather than to rely solely on what the artist SAYS the piece is about.

And so it goes with today's self-portrait. I'll be honest and admit that the actual drawing took around a mere ten minutes to complete. But in this case, the IDEA is the most important thing. This drawing is meant to tell a story, to illicit an emotion or feeling from the viewer.

I won't tell you exactly what it means, but I think it's pretty clear that everyone has been in this situation at some time or another...

#102 January 30, 2011,  Pen
Sounds: Rick Springfield, Living in Oz

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