Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 76

I chose to work in watercolor again tonight for a couple reasons.

The first reason is actually a little self-serving. To be honest, I am very proud of yesterday's portrait. I enjoyed the material, I enjoyed making the artwork, and I enjoyed the final outcome. I figured that since I had a good time making that one, then I should have another good time with this one. (For the record, I was right.)

While I don't want to call today's painting a "sequel," my second motivation for revisiting watercolor was to make a point. Just like anything else, when an artist creates, the appearance of the product will be affected by many things - including the artist's mood or mindset. I know that I laid myself out there emotionally with what I wrote about yesterday's painting, and that vulnerability was a difficult thing for me to share.

More and more, it seems that this the original idea behind "the self-portrait project" is changing into something different. It is true that I'm still extremely excited to make art on a daily basis, and the "due dates" are a great motivation. And yes, I am still interested in pushing myself with materials that I'm either unfamiliar with or making myself better with ones that I already know and love.

But it seems that this entire project is also becoming something of a journal, where my thoughts and feelings are "written" in a visual format. I continue to look forward to where this whole thing leads...

#76 January 4, 2011,  Watercolor
Sounds:  Old Crow Medicine Show, Old Crow Medicine Show

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  1. Ooo. very moody and dark. I like the colors on your face...they portray more emotion than words could ever express