Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 94

There are a couple purposes for tonight's self-portrait.

To begin, I've stated before that this project is - at times - basically a sketchbook containing ideas for full-scale paintings somewhere down the road. I like the idea that this drawing portrays, and I think it might make for a nice full-size artwork somewhere down the line.

Secondly, this image reinforces a concept that I've pointed out more than once. I did a similar drawing several years ago; in fact, it was basically the same image...with a few very important differences. While I would have never admitted it at the time, the original version was also a self-portrait. The bird was an ominous-looking black color, the person was blindfolded and had actually dropped the heart, which was floating in the air as it was left behind. The entire image was made in a dark charcoal. I'll be honest: that original drawing was made during a pretty dismal period that I don't care to revisit for any length of time. This drawing, on the other hand, was made at the end of a pretty spectacular day.

I think the differences are pretty clear...

#94 January 22, 2011,  Pen
Sounds: Todd Rundgren, Todd Rundgren: Liars

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