Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 81

I had such a great time working with acylic on the black paper with yesterday's self-portrait that I felt compelled to use it again!

When I showed this to Shana, she was immediately taken aback and described it as looking very "Picasso-y". It was a surprise to her that I would work in a style that even remotely resembled his simply because she knows how much I dislike his art.

I will say without reservation that I was not thinking about Picasso when I made this painting. I will also say that I personally don't think that it looks any more like his style than that of a multitude of other artists. But once again, personal interpretation matters. She saw certain characteristics of Picasso's art in my self-portrait, where I might have looked at those same traits and likened them to the art of Edvard Munch, or Max Beckmann, or perhaps Egon Schiele. (For the record, we're both correct...)

The gold paint is another story: I was most certainly paying tribute to one of my art heroes, Gustav Klimt...

#81 January 9, 2011,  Acrylic on paper

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