Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 73

When I started this project, I made a prediction that's not even close to coming true. I said that I loved using Ebony pencils so much, that I was certain that this material would be used on the majority of my self-portraits. Then I discovered using pen, and everything changed.

I've used pen so many times that I've had to forbid myself from using it from time to time. For this drawing, however, I granted myself permission to use pen once again, this time with the added dimension of a regular pencil. Under normal circumstances, I never use these materials together because the blacks are so different: a pen makes a black black, and a pencil makes a gray black. Since I was after a particular effect, I thought it would be okay this time...

#73 January 1, 2011,  Pen and pencil on paper
Sounds:  Tom Petty, Full Moon Fever

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