Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 305

For the second day in a row, I started a self-portrait, only to abandon it in favor of a different one. Coincidentally enough, in both instances the second image displayed a much more pleasant expression and emotion.

I needed to get some things done in my office tonight. As I was waiting for my laptop to connect to the network, I grew more and more frustrated as it slowly crept toward the intended action. In other words, I was getting very mad.

I started a self-portrait that reflected that point of view. My face had a sneer. I drew a dialog box filled with exclamation points. And there were several lines surrounding my head that seemed to radiate my anger and frustration.

Then for some reason I added a blackbird near the bottom of the page. I haven't drawn a bird in a portrait for quite awhile, and I liked having him there. But inexplicably, I added some balloons to the bird and I imagined him floating past my angry face and high into the sky. And I thought that seemed like a better attitude for me as well.

Oddly enough, I calmed down. I took care of a few other tasks while waiting for the computer to do its thing. And sure enough - while it was still much slower than it really should've been - the laptop was semi-agreeable and I got my work finished.

Perhaps there's something to this...

#305 August 21, 2011,  Sharpie marker on legal pad

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