Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 301

Several months ago, quite by accident, I noticed a very interesting effect that can be achieved with vellum. For those who don't know, vellum is a thin paper that would put one in mind of tracing paper. It also has a very cool texture that I've really come to enjoy working with (especially in pen).

With one drawing laying on top of another, I could clearly see each image, although the one underneath was obviously a little lighter and a bit blurry. At that moment, I knew I would do a self-portrait in that manner.

Well, it's taken awhile to get back to it. As I was working, it occurred to me that several eyes layered on top of each other gives a neat dizzy effect so I ran with it. This drawing actually uses a top sheet with two underneath, thus providing even more blur and reduction of detail.

#301 August 17, 2011,  Pen on vellum
Sounds: Buck Owens, The Very Best of Buck Owens, Vol. 1

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