Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 285

One of my favorite personal discoveries that I've made so far during this project is just how fun it is to draw with nothing but a bottle of ink and a dropper.  It's such a blast to start with a full sheet of bristol board and just have at it!

As always, some of these bear a slight resemblance to me, but most of these don't look a thing like me at all! 

When I feel like I'm totally finished, the bristol board is filled with nearly 30 faces and an assortment of splatters and drips (some intentional and some not).   

Some of the faces are started by making general forms that aren't necessarily the shape of a real human head, but they make for some interesting imagery.  One thing that I really enjoy about this process is that it forces me to be loose; there's no way to control the ink 100%, so it leaves no choice but to go with the flow! 

(Pun kind of intended...)

#285 August 1, 2011,  Ink on bristol board

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