Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 45

Oddly enough, the idea for today's self-portrait is not new to me. A couple days ago I was looking through an older magazine and tucked in the pages I found a sketch that I had made several months ago. The original plan was to use it for a painting, but I liked the idea so much that I used it here and now. Incidentally, it should also be clear that I am no longer following the self-imposed ban of using a pen!

This drawing walks the line between Surrealism and Expressionism, with strong characteristics from both styles. I get a lot of comments about the facial expressions in my self-portraits - that I look very mad or unhappy. As I stated yesterday, while I occasionally do feel that way in real life just as everyone does, I like to think that I'm a relatively happy person. I make lots of jokes and tend to take very few things seriously. But perhaps the expressions are more telling than I realized, at least in a subconscious way. I guess it's something to think about...

#45 December 4, 2010, Pen
Sounds: Chris Cornell, Carry on

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