Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 12

I really like today's drawing. While it might not be my favorite out of this project, I think it's a pretty good drawing. But that's not the best thing about it.

As I've said numerous times, I love music and usually prefer to listen to something when I'm making any kind of art. When I sat down to do this drawing, my 16-year old son was in the same room, so out of courtesy I asked him what he preferred to listen to. We came to a mutual decision on a band that my own dad would have called "long haired freaky shit" - and we played it...loud! It was a bit of a strange situation because I noticed that we were both singing along and/or lip-synching at the same times and it was an interesting bonding experience for the two of us. I have always said and will always continue to say that I have amazing kids.

So when it comes down to it, today's self-portrait is really not about the drawing at all...

#12 November 1, 2010,  Ebony pencil, blending stump
Sounds: Slipknot, All Hope Is Gone

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  1. so what was the name of the band playing the long-haired freaky shit?