Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 23

This portrait is obviously a continuation of yesterday's thought. I was enjoying the self-portrait that I had made and reflecting on my comments that accompanied it, and I was moved to make a similar image for today. As I said previously, one of the benefits of cutting a stencil is that it can be re-used many times over. I had already cut stencils of Abraham Lincoln and Conway Twitty (as well as Fonzie, Venus Flytrap, and Johnny Nogarelli . . . if you know your pop culture!), so I figured that I should use those again for a self-portrait!

For the record, those stencils were cut for a series that I completed entitled "The Purveyors of Cool." The image of Abraham Lincoln, despite all of his greatness as an American president, has become somewhat kitsch; and all of those other guys? Well, they're cool in a very strangely uncool way!

#23 November 12, 2010,  Spray paint and acrylic
Sounds: Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits

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  1. I love this concept! It reminds me of Julia and Julie (365 days of Julia's recipes)...very inspiring...makes me want to pick up my much work so little time! and hey you got me to open my blog back up. Great work...can't wait to see the next portrait!