Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 15

As I've said before, I love it when everything just comes together. I actually was pretty sure what today's drawing would be and was all set to begin working on it. Just then I noticed a make-up mirror in the house - one of those with the light that circles the mirror. I looked at my image and was immediately taken aback by the amazing round reflections on my eyes. So, quick change of plan and now the original idea that I had for today will have to wait for another time!

I'm also a big fan of drawings with no clear boundaries, so I left all of that out this time, instead focusing on just the facial features. The result is pretty interesting.

#15 November 4, 2010,  Pencil, ebony pencil
Sounds: A Fine Frenzy, One Cell in the Sea


I sure love it when I get introduced to fantastic music that is new to me. I asked my girlfriend (who has amazing taste in music) to choose from her half of our colelction what I would listen to while working on today's portrait. I had never heard this particular artist before, but I will certainly return!

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  1. awesome...I like the way you seem to float