Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 16

I've gotta be honest: I don't feel so well today. I have a scratchy throat and have been coughing most of the day. So when the time came to begin the self-portrait, I wasn't really in the mood. But with a mirror in front of me, I pressed on.

It's a well-known trick of drawing to render a detailed subject first in the simplest of forms and build from there. It occurred to me that the very basic shape of my head is triangular, so I drew a shape that resembled a piece of candy corn (something that I consider, ironically, to be one of the most vile candies ever)! Making this comparison brought a big smile to my face, and as more and more features were added, it became obvious that today's self-portrait would be more of a caricature than anything.

And in the long run, it made me feel just a little better...

#16 November 5, 2010,  Ebony pencil

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