Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 37

Back when I was in college, I spent way too much money on a pinball machine called "Funhouse." It featured the head of a a ventriloquist dummy named Rudy, who repeatedly insulted the game-player. Although I loved my classes and the whole college experience, the memories wouldn't be complete without Rudy.

There's also a great Twilight Zone episode called "The Dummy," in which a ventriloquist dummy ultimately trades places with his controller. I like the fact that the dummy is the one who wins in the end.

I think sometimes people feel a little controlled by other people or by certain situations in general. I know I've had that feeling many times throughout my life. And while I can't personally relate to that situation right now, it is also part of most people's experiences that cannot be ignored.

#37 November 26, 2010,  Pen and colored pencil
Sounds: Big Smith, Big Smith

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  1. awesome! I suggest a follow-up piece, complete with puppets' strings! And Metallica's "Master of Puppets" playing at full force in the background!