Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 27

It was one of those nights. I had a clear idea of what today's portrait would look like, but there was one problem: I simply didn't have the time to dedicate to making THAT artwork right now. So I stared at a blank piece of white paper while listening to tonight's choice of music, Jeff Black's Birmingham Road. The CD includes a great song called "That's Just About Right." It wasn't long before my hand started moving and I had this drawing completed!

My old friend lives up in the mountains
He flew up there to paint the world
He says "Even though interpretation's what I count on,
This little picture to me seems blurred.
Hard lines and the shadows come easy,
I see it all just as clear as a bell;
I just can't seem to set my easel to please me,
I paint my heaven and it looks like hell.
Is it me or is my vision jaded?
If i ask you, will you tell me true?"
I say "No and yes, I think the world you've painted
It's just the way that it appears to you."

Oh, your blue might be gray, your less might be more,
Your window to the world might be the big front door;
Your shinest day might come in the middle of the night
That's just about right.

He says "Man I ain't coming down until my picture is perfect
And all the wonder has gone from my eyes;
Down through my hands and on to the canvas
Still like my vision but still a surprise.
Still life," he says, "is the hardest impression:
It's always moving so I just let it come through."
"And that, my friend," I say, "is the glory of true independence -
Just to do what you do what you do what you do..."

"I don't think people's visions get jaded
I think the times change and so does the truth
So in that I think the world you've painted
Is just the way that it appears to you."

We ended our talk on how many friendships had faded,
And nowadays what makes a picture seem real
Are the simpler versions and not complicated.
"Thanks for the brushes man, I'll see you next year..."
So let's roll on, we know what we're here for:
Souvenirs of all that we've seen.
So write a story, paint yourself and paint the town;
When you look around you know where you've been.
If you wonder if your vision is jaded,
You just ask someone who will tell you true:
One true friend who sees all that you've painted,
Say "Hey man, that looks just like you..."

(I don't mind shamelessly promoting a great artist: Jeff Black is a fantastic songwriter and a really great guy. Check out his music when you get a chance!)

#27 November 16, 2010,  Charcoal and conte on paper
Sounds: Jeff Black, Birmingham Road

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