Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 11

True story:

I was near the end of a painting job at my parents' house today, when I was stepping backwards down a ladder. I reached back with my right foot to locate the floor, instead finding the top of a paint bucket. Luckily the lid was sealed tight, but unlucky for me my foot caught the very edge of the bucket . . . which tipped. And I went down. Hard. Flat on my back. As I hit the floor, a very loud "UUUUHHHHHHHH!" came from my body and I could almost immediately feel all of the wind knocked out of me!

Generally speaking, I hate for anyone to worry about me. Since both of my parents and one of my daughters were in the next room, I instinctively yelled a breathless "I'M ALRIGHT!" in what seemed like the exact moment that I hit the floor. Long story short, I'm appreciative that my mom rushed to make sure I was fine. My daughter Katey, on the other hand, sure enjoyed the laugh that I gave her!

I love the fact that art is such a powerful storytelling device. This very quick sketch is a nice document of an event that we've gotten some good laughs out of as the evening went along. But I've gotta say, my butt hurts from landing so hard on it!!

#11 October 31, 2010,  Ebony pencil, pencil
Sounds: Gremlins (Special Edition)
on TV (Halloween night!)

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