Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 283

Sometimes the self-portraits in this project have strayed from the original intention and sometimes they remain true to my vision. Today, I stayed pretty close to what I first had in mind.

I was looking for something rather graphic, something with hard-edged clean lines. I think if anything, I'd call my "style" somewhat schizophrenic because I catch myself all over the place with what my imagery looks like. Look through the portraits of any given 7-day period, and you'll almost always find a variety of styles and materials.

And I like that. A lot.

I've mentioned before that if I worked in the same style or same materials every day for a year, I would go nuts from boredom and the portraits would tend to look terribly boring. So, I'll keep mixing it up...

#283 July 30, 2011,  Pen

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