Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 276

Upon first glance, I'll admit that it looks like I took the easy way out today. It's pretty obvious that making this self-portrait took very little time. And really, it's not even a picture so how can it be a self-portrait, right?!

For starters, I never said that every self-portrait would be an image. I've made it pretty clear that I don't believe it's necessary for a self-portrait to actually look like the artist. And while today's artwork isn't a physical representation of me, it absolutely captures who I am.

Here's how.

At different times in my life, I've been accused of being an extreme optimist - sometimes to a fault - almost always looking on the bright side even in the face of a gazillion reasons to believe otherwise. I would guess that somebody somewhere has said this phrase before, but I've never heard I'm taking credit for it!

It seems to me that if being an optimist means being a "glass half full" kind of person, then believing you can just add more displays an even brighter outlook!

#276 July 23, 2011,  Sharpie marker

And I'll add this postscript: the idea to do this self-portrait came to me early this morning.  I kicked around whether or not I really wanted to go ahead and use the idea or not because it is obviously borrowed very heavily from images found all over the place online.  But I really like the simplicity of the handwritten affirmations - simply black letters on white paper - so I was inspired.  And since the phrase is very much me, I ran with it.  Very late tonight, I sat with a marker in hand and wrote the words...

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