Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 272

I was working on the house yesterday. I spent what seemed like hours on end hanging sheetrock and building walls - truth be told, I did spend hours on end sweating and lifting! Around 9:00 pm, it occurred to me that I hadn't ever stopped to eat dinner. I always find it extremely satisfying to be so in the zone of what I'm doing - whether it's making art, or working, or reading, or whatever - that I literally forget to make time for eating.

So, this is a pretty straight-forward self-portrait of me eating Chinese takeout. As a personal aside, I generally refuse to eat Chinese without chopsticks. I suppose there are probably many people in agreement, but I've always just felt like the food tastes better that way!

#272 July 19, 2011,  Watercolor
Sounds: The Black Crowes, Greatest Hits 1990-1999

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