Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 266

Vacation ended yesterday. It's always such a let-down to be excited for a journey, for a little time off...and then it's over before you know it. And then, of course, you come home and have to start back to real life with laundry, chores, you name it.

I was a little tired when this drawing was made. Okay, I was a LOT tired. In fact, I had napped for a couple hours and actually made the self-portrait around 2:00 am. But oddly enough, I really like it. I'll grant you, it's nothing terribly special or extraordinary, but I like the bubbly effect. I think it's a kinda nice reminder that even though we have those day-to-day frustrations, there are still some pretty great and wonderous things to smile about.

#266 July 13, 2011,  Ink

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