Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 219

There are a couple pieces of inspiration for this self-portrait.

For starters, I have always loved the moon. More specifically, I love the nighttime in general, with a clear sky and a full view of millions of tiny specks of light in the sky illuminating from millions of miles away. 

But the main thing that led me to creating this image - on this particular night - was the fact that I just spent an incredible evening laying on the beach.  Surprisingly, the moon was not full in the sky; as a matter of fact, there was no moon at all.  But there were far too many stars to even consider counting them all.  And the wind came off the ocean delivering a surprisingly cool breeze, given that it had been incredibly humid not long before before during daylight hours. 

And as I lay in a beach chair with my toes in the sand and my wonderful lady by my side, I wondered out loud if it could possibly get any better than it was at that very moment...

#219 May 27, 2011,  Ink

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