Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 211

I love sharing the inspiration for this self-portrait. In our living room, we have a signed and framed poster of the Avett Brothers hanging on the wall (I have a very cool lady who likes the same sort of things that I do!). The photo is similar to this. Pure and simple, I borrowed very heavily from the image.

I also decided to revisit ink wash again tonight. This time it was a little different from the previous examples in this project since I used a pen very minimally and chose to focus on mark-making with a brush and various shades of black ink. I think the end result is a pretty decent likeness of me (which is not always what I'm going for), and frankly, the art-making process was very relaxing tonight.

Every now and then, it just doesn't feel fun when I'm making some type of art. Sometimes it feels forced or not exactly genuine; of course, this is a natural by-product of a project like this where I am, well, forcing myself to make art every day for a year.  But times like this where everything just flows almost effortlessly are times when I feel absolutely like I'm home...

#211 May 19, 2011,  Ink wash and pen
Sounds:  Van Halen, 1984

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