Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 214

This self-portrait began at a place of zero inspiration. I sat down to make art, and there was nothing. I made a to-do list for the next day in hopes that my mind would be led toward an idea or vision. But nothing.

So, I did what always seems to help: I simply started making marks on the paper. The larger face started to take shape and more details emerged. I've said before how I love using a scribble technique, so I followed my instinct and let it flow. I actually had a plan for what it would represent when I drew the line across the forehead, but it looked interesting as a "mask" so I ran with it instead.  (Yes, the original idea is now in my "future self-portrait to-do list!)

The outline for the top of the head was already there from my preliminary marks, so I left it in. Unfortunately the drawing looked a little plain at this point, so I added the smaller head at the bottom. While I was making the drawing, this head was upside down, but once I finished I happened to flip the page and liked what I saw - so I guess this artwork is interactive because it can be viewed in multiple ways!

#214 May 22, 2011,  Pencil
Sounds: Marty Casey and the Lovehammers, Lovehammers

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