Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 206

This self-portrait was based on a photo I took to use as reference material for a painting I'm working on. I was sitting a cool little coffee shop with my sketchbook, and decided that this would be a good image to work from. (I don't drink coffee, but the hot chocaolate was fabulous!)

I occasionally like to work in different places. I was once having a conversation with Richard Babb, who was a local sign painter and an incredbible artist. I told him about a house that I lived in while in college, and how I had fashioned makeshift studio space under the basement stairs. His comment was: "You'll always remember making art in that space."

I can't say that I often think about that place, but he was right; I have some great memories of different artworks made down there. With this project, I have settled in to working at the dining room table for the vast majority of self-portraits. But every now and then, it's fun to "take the show on the road" and make art elsewhere!

#206 May 14, 2011,  Ink

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