Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 334

I've never been a huge fan of comic books. I wish I had been, but there wasn't much variety in town when I grew up (there still isn't) and in the pre-internet days of my youth, it was difficult to find anything beyond the absolute basics.

With that said, I suppose that it's never too late to become a fan and to develop an interest in comics. My first thought is: "Like I have the time or the money to invest in something else!"  And it seems as though the main storylines are so rich with colorful history that it would be nearly impossible to catch up, although I'm sure my buddy Robert would appreciate it if I didn't have to ask him why this or that happens every time we see a comic book adaptation movie!

When I laid down to make today's self-portrait, I struggled with where I should even start.  In my frustration, I rested my head . . . and woke up about 45 minutes later!  Perhaps the rest was worth it, however, because I awoke with an idea in mind and immediately put pencil to paper.  I'm not sure where the grimacing comic book-style imagery came from, but I like it.  Maybe I need to make it a point to locate a store and carve out some time browsing for comics!

#334 September 19, 2011,  Pen

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