Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 315

We all have our bad days sometimes. Today was one of the worst.

The saddest reality is that I brought it all on myself.

The good thing that came from the entire day was that I really feel like I learned a lot about myself. Of course, I also find this to be a very strange concept. After all, I'm 40 years old - one would think that I'd know myself pretty well. And maybe those things weren't actually learned, but were things that I realized...or perhaps admitted...about who I am.

What I know is that there are elements to my personality - and my overall being - that I simply don't like. These are things that make me what I would call a bad person. They are traits that I consider completely unacceptable to continue.

Good news! After visiting with three different friends who provided advice from three very different points of view, I know how to make the changes I need to make. It feels incredibly empowering to know not only what I need to do, but to feel the sense of satisfaction to immediately put the wheels in motion for positive change. It sounds strange, but I can almost feel a transformation happening within myself...

#315 August 31, 2011,  Ebony pencil

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