Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 241

In my writing from yesterday, I described the working process and timetable that I've used lately. And tonight's self-portrait was no different. Austin's ballgame, a multitude of small tasks, and the completion of a commissioned piece of art pushed the start time for this portrait back to nearly 2:00 am!

Yes, I know it looks a little (okay, a lot) like a monkey.  It wasn't intentional; I just started with a few loose lines to see what would happen...and THIS is what happened!

#241 June 18, 2011,  Pen and watercolor
Sounds: The Rainmakers, The Rainmakers


Happy Father's Day to Vernon Norris - I love you, Dad.

Also, Happy Father's Day to my brother Jeff, and to all the other rockin' awesome Dads out there!

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