Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 224

It's been awhile since I've done this.

With nothing more than a bottle of ink and a dropper, I sat in front of a large sheet of Bristol board, and...

At this point, I stop just short of saying that "I got to work", however, because I think that's not the best way of describing what I did. I think it would be a lot more accurate to say that "I got to playing!"

Back in college, there were some of us that shared space in the sculpture studio. We were all upper level sculpture students and had a place that was set apart from the beginning level students. At any rate, when it came time to make art, we always said that we were "going to play in the studio" because it was simply too much fun to call it work!

I feel that way about this type of drawing. The entire paper is covered with 10 or 11 faces - some that look like me, and some that don't. But it was so much fun to make such loose, spontaneous, and whimsical drawings. I think I need to buy some more ink and do this again soon...

 #224 June 1, 2011,  Ink on bristol board

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