Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 240

I'm trying very hard to stop short of calling this image a "character," because technically as a self-portrait, it's actually me. So with that said, I'll say that this is simply a version of me. And I like it. A lot.

There are some parts of it that really are there.  The slicked-back hair.  The hoop earring with the ball.  (Someday I need to tell a really good earring story!)  And . . . I guess the fact that I have a couple eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

And there are some features that are altered from the real thing.  I really don't have a handlebar mustache or van Dyke beard.  (Although...)  And I like to think that I don't have an eye that is quite so extremely wonky!

#240 June 17, 2011,  Ink

I felt like I should create a smiling self-portrait on this day, in part to appease a few regular readers (okay, family members!) who have secretly expressed concern for my well-being.  In visiting with my mom yesterday, I was told that she's had numerous people ask if I'm doing okay.  The reasoning is that I've written many times lately expressing how tired, exhausted, and fatigued (physically or mentally) I have been while making my daily self-portraits.  And since she is not one to keep her worries to herself (bless her heart, that's what good mamas do!), she wanted to let me know that many people are thinking about me.

So, to those folks: thank you.

Here's the deal: we've got a lot of things going on this summer.  In between working a couple supplemental jobs that take place outdoors in the hot sun, the constant work needing to be done in the house, miles of highway burned up between home and Austin's ballgames, and teaching a summer class . . . you see where this is going.  Unfortunately, each day's self-portrait usually doesn't get completed until the early morning hours after everything else is done.

So it's not a health issue.  I promise!

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